Hippocracy: a growing threat

There is a very sinister threat that is a major problem in the world: Hippocracy. What is hippocracy? It is a type of government where hippos run the country. Usually, the ruler hippos, “hippocrites,” will try to destroy anything humans or animals have done and make the country hippo-only. Here are some tips on identifying hippocrites:

  • Hippocrites are usually hippos themselves.
  • Hippocrites try to build huge monuments of hippos.
  • Hippocrites rule the country with dictator-like power. If not, they will team up with other hippocrites to control different sections of the country.
  • Hippocrites make many spelling mistakes, especially while correcting another person’s grammar/spelling.
  • Most of all, hippocrites will tell someone not to do something, while doing that themselves. (Hippocrites are hypocrites.)


3 Responses to Hippocracy: a growing threat

  1. Steve says:

    If wishes were hippos, beggars would float.

  2. Steve says:

    My blog post on hippocracy wasn’t aimed at your blog, but at some others out there.

  3. […] may have noticed that I have a post called Hippocracy: A growing threat. That was a post about a (fake) government ruled by hippos, not hypocrisy. Why is it […]

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